Friday, 27 December 2013

I interview ex referee Keith Hackett

I interviewed Keith Hackett, Keith is a respected ref from Sheffield. He made his way up and eventually officiated a game against Liverpool and Everton at Wembley. And officiating in the World Cup.


1) What was it like to be accused by one of the worlds greatest manager Sir Alex? 

2)What was it like officiating the 1981 FA Cup final against Spurs and Manchester City? 

3)What was it like officiating the Merseyside derby against Everton and Liverpool in the charity shield?

4) What was the idea behind the 'You are the ref" project? 

5) Who do you think is the best current referee?  


1) I have no doubt that Sir Alex Ferguson rightly deserves his position has the best Manager that the
Game has seen. Part of his role was to attempt to gain every advantage for his team.
I have been involved in the game for a long time, in excess of fifty years. If you stand in the middle of Azteca Stadium in Mexico with over 
100000 Spectators or 13times atWembley then the view of one man you will find does not intimidate.
He never did intimidate and I always viewed his comments with a smile knowing that HE had never refereed a football match and like most Managers their law knowledge is usually viewed from their perspective.
If however referees made a mistake then that will always be reviewed. I lost some respect for Ferguson when he wrongly criticised Alan Wiley's fitness. Statistics proved that he was100percent incorrect in his view, Prozone supporting strongly that Alan had put in a big physical effort covering more ground than the majority of the players. he had also produced some high intensive sprints. I have a personal letter from SirAlex congratulating me on my refereeing career.

2) It was a great honour to officiate the 100th FA Challenge Cup Final and a fantastic experience to be involved in two excellent games.

3) I loved officiating on Merseyside where the fans are passionate and have a good understanding of the game. Kenny Dalglish was the best player I officiated. He gave 100 Percent in every performance.
This visit to Wembley was special, the game played in a terrific atmosphere and I high level of sportsmanship. 

4) You are the Ref was already in existence when Artist Trevillion asked if I would be interested in doing the answers to the questions. That was in 1981 when YATR appeared in the Shoot Magazine.
It is a platform for everyone involved in the game to ask questions. This Christmas Week Eddie IZzard featured asking three questions.
We are read around the world appearing in Newspapers, Websites, Apps, Television Shows, Board games and of course three books. The most recent, You are the Ref Guide to Refereeing published by Bloomsbury.
I have just completed the new book that will be launched 2014'
One popular You are the Ref is the interactive at the National Football Museum which Paul and I are very proud of.

5) The Worlds Number One Referee is without doubt Howard Webb who week in Week out produces some excellent performances. He is supported by two outstanding Assistant Referees Darren Cann and Mike Mullarkey. I brought them together prior to the 2010 World Cup where the team officiated the Final.
It was pleasing to see a Yorkshire lad achieve the highest pinnacle in Officiating

Thanks to Keith for answering my questions. 

 Check out the "You are the ref" comic strips in the Guardian. They give you a problem and then Keith answers it. Also some fantastic artwork.

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