Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Strength in dept, to win the BPL?

Tonight i looked at the Chelsea side, and they changed there 11 from that one that won the game on Sunday. No Torres or Oscar or even Ivanovic. Arsenal who sit top of the Prem, named a new 11 to be fair but, it didn't include the qualities such as Willian and Mata or even Eto instead it included, Nicklas Bedtner and Ryo Machchi or what ever can't spell it. These players weren't good, enough to win against the 2nd team of Chelsea yet alone the prem. The only way, Arsenal will win the prem is in no one getting injured by this i mean the likes of Ozil, Giourd, and also Wilshire and Ramsey. Chelsea have numerous people for back up with the likes of Mata, Willian, and Eto waiting in the wings for a chance. The competition at Chelsea must be really high. But maybe this get's the best out of the players at Chelsea.

Liverpool really haven't got strength in dept either, and City have. These teams will probably, be the most successful. If Arsenal are top of the BPL in January, and they add to there squad then they will look strong. City have Aguero, Jovetic, Negredo and Dzeko to choose from. This will surely prove, beneficial.  

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