Monday, 28 October 2013

Brendan Rodgers, tactical genius?

I believe this is the man to take, LFC forward. Here is a Youtube vid, showing his interview with Footy focus, this shows his views on Sturridge and talks tactics. 
I was thinking after watching MOTD last Saturday, "how good are Liverpool"? They seem to have fitted Luis Suarez in to their system, some fans doubted how Rodgers would fit Suarez in to this system as Sturridge was doing so well. But they did and the S.A.S have started firing on all cylinders. Suarez has scored 6 this season already and, scored a phenomenal header on Saturday. Playing 3-5-2 with Skrtel on form too it's hard not to pick errors out of this team. Rodgers says after near enough every game, "We haven't played our best yet". So i for one look forward to watching, Liverpool when they play at their "best". Were they there best against WBA?

On his formation, Rodgers has said to the Echo, "When you play two controllers and one in front of them, you don't cover the pitch, you don't fan out well enough, so when the ball gets switched, you're open."  Rodgers did deploy, Lucas as the holding midfielder allowing Gerrard and Henderson to be more attacking. This seemed to benefit Liverpool.  He then went on to say " “If you look at the games we've played, we've had quite a few shots against us. But when you flip the triangle and play with the one controller, it pushes the other two midfielders up the pitch more, so they can press it better. Then when the ball does get switched, they're in position to press again." This is a great insight and tells Liverpool fans, this man knows what he's doing. I for one think it's unfair that Rodgers doesn't get more credit. But mind you i bet he prefers not to be on the back of the papers every week eh?

I still think he is a top manager. And is the one to take Liverpool forward god knows where to though. LFC seem to be battling out for the Champions League, the form they've showed this season i think they should have it wrapped up by Christmas. But will see?

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