Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nick Blackman

Nick Blackman is the Blades top scorer at the moment with 11 in 11 in all competions. He was unused at Blackburn so decided to take the new challenge at Brammall lane and has exceeded his target ever since he stepped foot on to the turf. He has had a good run of form with other clubs. He was at Maccasfield 2006-07  he played 7 times and scored 0. In 07 he scored 1 goal in 11 Apps. At Blackpool he went on loan and played 5 scored 1 in the 08/09 season.Then at Oldham he played 12 games and he scored 1 in the 09/10 season then Motherwell on loan with 18 apps and 10 goals. Aberdeen on loan both in the 10/11 season he played 15 times and scored 2 goals. Blackman who signed for about 700K is making the most of his opportunity  hes scored 4 penalty's this season with the Mario Balotelli   technique where he does a fake shot then shoots the opposite way he scored in United's game vs Portsmouth that was on sky. Danny Wilson is now deploying him on the wing where at the weekend he came inside and guided it through the keepers legs at a very tight angle  Blackman says he is loving his time on the wing. Nick cuts into the right with his left and is has Ronaldo phisque. All in all i think Nick will do well and continue his form. Thanks for reading max

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