Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Manchester city vs Real madrid

Manchester city vs real madird

Karim Benzema opened the scoring on a night that sealed Manchester City's fate in Group DEmbedded image permalinkManchester city drew vs real madrid in their champions league game at the Ethiad. Real madrid dominated from the start with Benzema scoring in the 10 minutes gone. Real pressed with the quality of their attacking qualities and should have been at least 4-0 up at half time with Joe hart coming to citys rescue one again. After half time Real came out one again chance after chance dominating coty pressed on for a equalizer and it came in the 84 minute as alerto arbeloa tripped up the argetinan striker aguero for him to scored the penalty and arbeloa having a red card. City pressed on in the closing stages but could just not find the winner. Madrid down to ten still pressed with ronaldo pressing but couldnt find anything. Joe hart was key once again for Manchester city who  are now out of the champions league.

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